Few New and Amazing Technology Application

In the technology industry new products are released every now and then and there is continuous improvement of existing products to meet increasing consumer demands. We have a number of new application that will freshen your lives and bring great experiences, all these efforts are brought by innovation and are intended to make lives easier and better, they include:

1. Sony playstation 3d display

This application has a remarkable 3D display. It comes in 24” screen and has a 1.4HDMI cable. The screen crunchy and offers a great 3D display. The sound quality for this monitor is quite appealing. It has inbuilt speaker and subwoofers. It can be used as a computer and also playstation monitor. Its appropriately thin in size, this gives it a beautiful look. The displays also is eye friendly.

2. Paint Park

This is an art application that enables users draw and color art work fast and it is available on the playstation ¬†support network. It allows the user to work smoothly on their work using virtual markers and a color palette all available on the screen. It has a vita’s camera that the user can use to import objects and paint. The online multiplayer enables the user to share their work with others.

3. Kindle app version 3.7

This application is designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod. It designed to work well for iPhone 5.It gives the use the ability to read magazines, newspapers, PDFs and even the use can read more than Kindle books. Visually challenged users can use this application by activating the voice over option in the settings. This new application allows the use to review and also rate books faster.

4. City guides by National geographic

This application gives the user guides to the world’s greatest cities. These include: London, Rome, Paris and New York. Included in the app are maps for the different cities. You will also all the information on places and people you will need to make your travel enjoyable.

Sony’s play station 4

The new play station 4 uses the dual shock 4 controller. The price has not yet been fixed but it is likely to be around but it will be around $450.It offers great graphic display and enhanced speed. It enables the user to share pictures and videos of their best play moments on face book using a button on the Dual shock 4 controller. If you don’t finish your game it gives you an option of continuing were you left. It is designed to use power efficiently. It uses a single chip and eight x 86-64 AMD jaguars CPU.

5. Symmetry school: Learning Geometry

The app is designed in a number of languages (French, English, Irish, Chinese, German and Spanish).It is a game that challenges the thinking pattern of the learner in a mathematical way. It is designed to help children grasp symmetry no matter their learning pace. It is aimed at promoting mathematical development in children. It uses a language that is easy to understand it has been tested and it is in line with international standards in symmetry.


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